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About Biker Planet

Biker Planet has been around since the year 2006, and it has been attracting more and more users ever since. Its members are represented throughout the United States, so it should be comparatively easy for people to find someone who is local enough that relocating is not going to be too much of a problem. People have the rare option to communicate with other people on the dating site using a video chat and audio room, as well as instant messaging. Biker Planet is also much more affordable than most other dating websites, which can automatically make a good choice.

Biker Planet Features

People can pay 24.99 dollars for a month at Biker Planet. They can spend 7.49 dollars a month if they sign on with the website for a year, however. It takes 16.66 dollars a month for three months to get a different deal with should be similarly cost-effective. Free members can access some of the features of the website but not all of them.

Some people might find the links that will take people away from the BikerPlanet site to be frustrating, since they can derail a person’s search. There is also the fact that Biker Planet could be more oriented towards bikers than it is. However, otherwise, the features associated with Biker Planet are truly excellent and stand apart from many of the online dating options.

People can upload pictures, receive messages from other members, contact members, add members, block members, search the website, and see who is online, and these are the features of Biker Planet that everyone can use. Getting started with the website is easy. People just need to come up with a username and a password. They need to disclose their birth dates, partly in order to make sure that only people over the age of eighteen use the website. They also then need to set up a description and a page headline.

From there, people can choose the option to become paid members or free members of the website. While Biker Planet is certainly a website that people can use for free, the paid members are going to have access to more features. The fact that there are payment tiers makes the website more accessible to more people, which is a positive feature in its own right.

The paid members of the website can actually participate in the Internet forums, customer support that lasts all day, the option to be invisible on the website, the ability to send instant messages and email messages to other members, the ability to see the pictures of other people, the ability to send flirts to other users, additional search options, and features that are more specialized for bikers. It’s easier for paid members to really educate other bikers about them.

The Rapid Match feature is also a fairly unique one for the website. It allows people to quickly create lists of the people they might want to contact. They can pass on people’s pictures or ‘like’ them if necessary, and from there, they can narrow down their list of potential dates.

Using Biker Planet

The Biker Planet website overall is very easy for people to use, which is a very important and underrated feature for an online dating website. People can easily check their messages and find all of the information that they need in order to really make progress with their online dating there.

People who go online to Biker Planet will often find that there are around nine hundred different members there. It’s going to be relatively easy for people to find likely prospects in an environment like that one. While this is a niche site, it has enough people from a particular niche that it should be comparatively easy for people to make contacts.


The important questions that people should ask about Biker Planet and online dating sites and biker dating sites in general concern whether or not these dating websites are going to stand apart from the multitudes of other dating websites online and whether or not they have good prospects with those sites. Biker Planet has a lot of members, and the website makes it easy for people to narrow down the list of members in order to find compatible matches.

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