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naked male torso striking a suggestive pose while simultaneously fiddling with his underpants. What lies beneath? Let’s find out.
You probably don’t want to come here if you’re looking for a committed relationship, friendship, or something similar to those. It also might be wise to avoid this site if you’re prudish, as it’s something of a meat market. The site has a simple set-up and even simpler application process. If you want to sign up you’ll need a valid email address and you’ll get an instant, free 3-day trial for completing the registration form. Although before you can use the site properly you have to fill out an additional form to authenticate your age. Without this step, you won’t be able to access any of the features on the site after registering.
While it isn’t made clear how many actual members there are on the site, just from browsing you’ll notice that there are thousands of profiles. You can check whether a profile is online or not by looking at the last login date on a member’s profile page, which is usually a good indication of how often they visit the website. It’s possible to search for members using an advanced search with a bigger variety of filters to choose from. The advanced search option allows you to search by zipcode, so you can find guys near you, or in a specific area. You can also filter profiles by last login date to screen out abandoned profiles as stated before. However, searches only return the first 500 profile results so keep that in mind when you’re looking through them. Furthermore, if you use the name search, be prepared to enter the exact name of a member in order to find their profile. Finally, you’ll also find several preconfigured searches, including cruise ads (guys advertising for hook-ups), guys online, fresh meat (new members), and sex now (guys willing to meet other guys in the neighborhood today). You can connect to these guys mainly by email (up to 4000 characters per email), or request real-time IM by clicking on a profile. Other options allow you to connect with the other members by creating a ‘hottie list’ of profiles you like or browsing advertised events that you may consider attending.
Member’s profiles themselves are reasonably detailed, with some fairly intimate information about what they’re like and what they’re looking for. You can upload up to 2 public and 2 private photos. Photos frequently feature nudity and sexual content, so be aware of this before you start searching. It is recommended to post at least 1 picture of yourself to vastly increase your chances of finding a match.
The free trial gives you access to several member features including unlimited profile viewing, full-size member photos, unlimited receipt of emails, and you can send up to 10 emails per day. Although with the free trial you aren’t allowed to access IM, and you only get to use the preconfigured search settings. Basic members get 45 days worth of mailbox storage for emails, 15 days of tracklists (e.g. who’s viewed you) and unlimited access to 3 gay adult movie sites (350 full-length movies with new content each month). On the other hand, premium members get their ads listed ahead of basic members, have 90 days worth of mailbox storage, 45 days of tracklists, can browse profiles whilst keeping their profile status hidden and gain unlimited access to 22 gay adult movie sites.
In reality, there’s a fairly good chance that you’ll hook up online or meet somebody for no-strings-attached fun. is a gold mine for guys who are after sexual encounters with other guys. If this is you, you’ll certainly get what you’re looking for. However, it’s not for all, so think carefully about what you want before registering.

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