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Affinatas, a direct marketing company, was founded in 2008 in Germany. This high-end dating service company serves much of Europe, including the UK, Ireland, Australia, and reaching out to New Zealand, Canada, South Africa as well as the United States.
Affinatas ranks NÂș 52,462 on the Alexa List, Google PR: 4
EliteSingles.com – Reviewed by Editor – Rating: 5 / 5

This dating sight is both elegant and sophisticated, aimed at the more affluent and elite members of society. These would be individuals who want and accept only the best.
This site presents the cream of the crop. Average individuals are not to be found here, because average is not what members want or are willing to accept.
Almost 70% of the site’s members are alumni of many different universities and boast incomes far above the average pay grade of most.
If you fit into that category and have tired of looking through the commonly advertised dating sites where only average people become members, then Elitesingle.com may be just the proper ticket to satisfy your demand for the best.
The membership fees, while not extravagant, do tend to run a bit higher than the fees charged by many dating sites.

Premium Membership

1 month: $44.95
3 months: $29.95 per month
6 months: $24.95 per month
12 months: $14.95 per month
Elitesingles.com accepts Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Debit cards as well as Pay Pal.
Presently Elitesingles.com boasts a paid membership of thirteen million.
Customer service is always available either online, via email, fax or snail mail.

The way Elitesingle.com works

There is no cost for signing up, and as a free trial member one may browse the site, look over member profiles and perform limited searches. You may not however, send messages; although sending a “smile” to indicate you may be interested in an individual is permitted.
As a trial member you aren’t allowed to view photos of members or read their profiles. Once you sign up for a membership plan, you will be furnished with all available options for communication with persons who interest you. You may also send and receive photos as well.

Overall Appearance

Only one word sums up the overall appearance and presentation of Elitesingles.com and that word is CLASS. Everything is not only pleasing but the entire site works smoothly without difficulties. Being quite intuitive, few persons would have any problem whatsoever in navigating about and as an added bonus, Elitesingles.com works extremely well on mobile devices as well. An excellent mobile app is available for both Android and Apple devices.

Extra Perks from Elitesingles.com

You may send and receive messages. Members may send messages to any member and view messages as you receive them.

Viewing Member Photos

With your membership you may view member photos. But as a basic free trial member, while you may view profiles and learn about different members, you won’t be permitted to see their photos.
The attractive mobile app is only available to paying members.

Possibilities for Successful Encounters

As mentioned above, this site is strictly top shelf designed for the more privileged members of our society. It is unlikely that you’ll encounter any member who whose income is less that $75,000.00 a year. Therefore, if you’ve tired of searching for an acquaintance with a person who shares your drive for success. the drive that keeps you at the forefront of your profession, then this site may provide exactly the relationship you’ve been seeking.
There are literally millions of members thereby augmenting your chances of success and the best part is that the majority of these members are active as well, and are to be found all over the world. That means there are probably many located near your own headquarters.
Caveat however: The membership verification process is stringent, asking you to upload identification to prove your identity and that your information is correct. It is probably the most stringent verification process any viewer will find on any dating site. Basically, this is pretty much a complete psychological profile of you and who you are. This information not only helps weed out potential problem members, but helps the company in their quest to find the perfect match for you.

The Editor’s Conclusion

There is no doubt that Elitesingles.com has cheerfully earned the right to call itself elite. It is definitely an elite dating site. Every feature you might desire and expect from an elite dating site is to be found here and Elitesingles.com has the membership to back up its claim of being the dating site that caters to the wealthy, the successful, the aristocrats of our society.
There is little fear of being contacted by persons who are not what the pretend to be. When contacted, you may instantly view their profile and confirm that their ID and profile has been verified. If the person’s profile doesn’t support the claim, you’d probably be better of to ignore the message and continue to search.
As a final word, we must say this is one of the smoothest, best and well-managed membership organizations of its type that we’ve so far seen.

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