Thursday, April 19, 2018

bangkok some place is so special like G G boy bar

this place like your cock is tasted is Wet and salty. bangkok like boyz cock is to suck but have some poppy with some poisonous. money is all topic for the client . it is not by your lover. it is boy and client relationships.not by serious is so normal and simple. i just make my ladyboy website is so high and good in google search.
but i write this post is not for shemale. just for boys... money .... sex.....
that is for three words. as your firnds even boy friends. it is may or not. i think it will be never and nerven... no and no. i do not look forward to the MB will go to be lover.
you have family. you must rember not any expect .

Thailand Boys to find the street in thai

 i  have not to meet  the MB in Thai Grand can XXOO in  thai big palace. that is right or not way to touch someone who are army people or policeman or student to make money to sale their body it named money money. do you like it?  are shemale dating site to give you some post in thai ladyboys blog.

Bangkok is for gay heaven to enjoy thai lifetime. Bangkok is to find some ladyboys in your place by apps like tinder,gind.

i will do my best to promte in this blogger.