Friday, December 15, 2017

Single Over 70 Dating

It is obvious that today’s media are obsessed with youth and appearance. You could not be taken accountable for thinking that dating is only a young person’s game. However, this is not the case, love or companionship is not limited to age. Nonetheless, a 70 year old will not go about dating the same as a 20 year old would.
It is high time there was a change in perspective. In the current age, there is better medicine, more people are living decades longer than they would in the 19570s or 80s. Additionally, more people are living healthy lives with the need to stay fit being a high priority. At the same time, more adults are finding themselves single after the age of 70. This is a good age to look for a new companionship after either a divorce or even a tragic loss of a loved one. The following are a few dating tips for anyone who is over 70 and planning to enter the crazy dating scene.

Change in Perspective

It is clear that no matter how old you are, you can always feel lonely. It is basic human nature to yearn for companionship. However, older adults do not look for companionship as their younger counterparts. Once you enter the wisdom years, a lot of things are going to change in terms of needs, desires and the expectations of your companion. These things will vary a lot compared to what you were looking for while you were 20. A change in perspective is therefore a very important consideration before deciding to date at 70 or over. Ask yourself some fundamental questions like: how do I expect my companion to behave Do I want love or simply companionship? Such basic questions will guie you in who to date and who to not date even before the actual dating begins.

Age is a just a number…when 70 and over

It is easy to get carried away in the current attributes about age and dating. For instance, the most popular dating sites show that young people are very age-specific. You will find a 33 year old man looking for a woman who is between 25-30 years old and a list of other requirements. Young people are incredibly prejudiced when it comes to age. It is therefore one of the most important factor young people will consider before dating. This scenario changes dynamically when you enter your 70s. This can be attributed to the fact that people of this age bracket are wiser. More practically, the essential truth is that gae loses its significance the more an individual grows. Other factors such as the shape one is in start to play even a bigger role. You will easily find a 70 year old woman going for a more fit 80 year old man instead of an unfit 65 year old. If the woman likes to take long walks or slow jogs in the morning, it is better to share these moments with someone who also finds them fun. On the contrary, a 75 year old woman with back problems and who enjoys sitting in and going for art and gallery shows maybe a perfect match for he 65 year old man. The point is, the dating scene at 70 years and over becomes more specific since most people know exactly what they are looking for.

Looks do not count at 70 as well

Another difference you will find between dating at a young age and dating at 70 is the role looks play in the whole process. If you look at the most popular online dating sites such as Tinder, you will realize that it is the profile picture that sells. The ‘hotter’ a person looks, the more likely they are to find a match. This trend drives a strong message towards the youth that looks is all that matters. This message, however, does not apply to you if you are 70. Again, maybe looks play a smaller role among older individuals since they are wiser. They understand that looks have little to do with the actual nature of a person. Physical attraction makes a poor substitute for kindness, being caring and loving. Consequently, most adults look for specific qualities from their companion instead of being fixated on the vain attributes such as look which fade over time. Do not try that hard, just put yourself out there, know what you are looking for and its only a matter of time before you find a match. It is never too late.

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