Friday, December 15, 2017

PROVEN: Over 55 Dating Tips For Senior People

Dating is an important part of life. It results into building a strong relationship with the person you like and appreciate. It enables you to know somebody better before making any important decision such as a relationship or marriage. However, quite a number of senior people experience challenges in dating. For this reason, they have failed to enter into any meaningful relationship. But with over 55 dating tips stated below, you are sure to have a successful dating as long as you apply them.

  1. Do not accept sex after a few dating sessions.
  2. Discover your partner and know him/her better
  3. Senior people should make dating fun and an enjoyable experience
  4. Forget about your ex and concentrate on your current partner
  5. Do not talk about your ex on your first as a senior person
  6. Try to meet people physically when dating instead of doing it online
  7. Do not behave as if you are already in a relationship when you actually still know each other
  8. Be firm and explain your limits to the senior person you are dating
  9. Pay attention to someone you are dating. Look into his/her eyes and listen keenly.
  10. As a senior person dating, make yourself worthy so that somebody does not rate you low in a relationship.
  11. Reciprocation is not a must. Keep that in mind and understand.
  12. Do not overly rely on text message for communication. If someone values you, he /she will try to speak to you verbally.
  13. Establish a senior person’s marital status; single, married or divorced and decide accordingly
  14. Do not worry about how the response will be.
  15. Do not make assumptions on an individual’s character on the basis of job, salary and age
  16. Put some good effort in dating to make it successful
  17. Be social and try to interact with new and different people. You might get a good catch.
  18. Try to be resilient and do not give up
  19. Be sincere with your actions and don’t to fake anything especially on the first date
  20. Don’t expect what you can’t manage to do as an individual.
  21. Do not dismiss someone by simply judging him/her on the first date
  22. Be mindful about your partner
  23. Do not force yourself to like someone if you don’t feel him/her
  24. Ask yourself what you intend to benefit from the relationship
  25. Read signs of people who show no interest in you no matter your efforts. There is a reason for that.
  26. Introduce the person to the family after knowing him/her pretty well
27.Do not dwell so much on talking about your past.
  1. Be careful with what you are saying about your past relationships.
  2. Pay attention to your partner
30.If you are interested, show the interest and don’t pretend to be otherwise
  1. Date in an open and neutral place on the first date
32.Do not invite the person to your place barely a few days after the first date
33.Be real and don’t pretend about who you are while dating
34.Try to listen and do less of talking
35.Avoid distractions by putting your phone in silent/vibration mode.
36.Do not sleep with a senior person if you still have some doubt about him/her.
37.Be positive about your beliefs and attitudes
38.Say positive things about yourself when dating
39.Be clear about your long term relationship
  1. Inform a senior person that you are going on a date
  2. Value your time and don’t accept dates when you are busy
42.Do not carry much luggage when going for a date
43.Do not try discover some information about your partner’s ex which will make you feel insecure
44.Do not be over-ambitious with expectations
45.Be positive on subsequent dates
46.Do not be aggressive in your approach
47.Do not force to know much about a reluctant person
48.Be honest while dating
49.Avoid premature conversations and talk maturely
  1. Do not date out of pressure from friends or family
  2. Try to make yourself look better on the first date. Remember the first impression is the last impression.
  3. Spend your time in the present moment
53.Do not begin to tell somebody about what you know about him/her on the first date
  1. Don’t control what is beyond control
  2. Acknowledge any response
56.Do not engage in phone nor online sex with someone you do not know
57.Avoid company of people with negative attitudes
58.Feel good about yourself and act in a similar way.
59.Do not try to play games while dating
  1. Avoid multiple dating
In conclusion, the above over 55 dating tips will enable a senior person to get a partner and hence enter into a successful relationship when applied appropriately. They are proven tips and success is a guarantee. Good luck.

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