Friday, December 15, 2017

Mature Women Over 50 Dating Tips

Dating can be hard regardless of how old you are. It is clear that dating as a teenager is much different than dating as a grown adult, let alone once you are older than fifty. At this point in time, you might not feel that confident in yourself. Many woman who are over fifty feel that their bodies and faces aren’t as beautiful as they once were. The first step before you even begin dating is to gain confidence and self love. You have to realize that your body is beautiful, and likewise your face is absolutely gorgeous, regardless of how old you are, whether you have wrinkles, or can’t fit into old pants of a smaller size. Before you seek love in a man, find it in yourself first. This applies for people of all age groups and genders. However, it is often very prevalent for women over fifty due to the fact that they may not feel very confident. As the quote goes, one should have a beautiful heart because outer beauty will eventually fade. This is true and false; while it is true that a beautiful heart is more important than a beautiful face or body, you can be just as gorgeous on the outside when you are fifty. Love yourself and be whole on the inside. Do not seek a relationship to try and make you whole, as this will probably leave you feeling empty and insecure. Most men want to find a woman that is confident and secure of herself, especially at fifty. Men will probably see it as very amateur to have to constantly build your self esteem up as if they are dealing with a teenage girl that needs an overload of attention. Make the process easier for you and your date. Before you go out, before you attempt at a relationship, work on loving yourself.

Once you are positive that you love yourself, you will be going into the dating field as a whole person who is completely fulfilled ready to take on any relationship that comes your way. When you go on a date with someone, it is very important to make sure you listen to them speak. While on your date, make sure listening is a two-way street. One person shouldn’t do all the talking. If someone is a bit more shy, it may help to fill in the gaps. But, nonetheless when your date is talking, you should listen. Don’t listen for the sake of waiting until you can talk again. Listen to them and really hear what they are trying to say. Ask the person questions and try to get to know them. If the listening is mutual on both ends it will make for a much better date.

At fifty years old, you have seen a lot and you have probably done a lot of dating. It is good to have your standards set high. The worst thing you can do is seem extremely desperate like you are ready to jump into any relationship. However, be careful not to judge too harshly and miss out on someone you could have been great with. At this age and beyond, it will be a struggle to not compare the persons every word and move to other men you have dealt with over the years. Don’t try to figure them out all in one sitting. Everyone is different and you should try to avoid comparison. Try to let things flow naturally. On a date, men should not expect sex. The same goes to women. While most women probably know this automatically. In fact, most women probably get extremely annoyed by all of the men who seem to be after only one thing. Every now and again, you get a woman who is almost worst than the men. It’s been a while since they’ve played the field and they are ready for some action. Take things slow and don’t expect anything on the first date. You should not even expect a kiss on the first date. The first date is where you get to know the person, and at the very most, expect the man to pay if they were the one that asked you out. But, definitely do not expect a kiss or sex. It is wrong to expect that after a date. Enjoy the field of dating. Go on fun dates and consider it an adventure. Have fun with your life.

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